I flip properties and I own apartment complexes.  As such, I am always looking for ways to save money.  I have been using two simple tricks lately to garner up to 11% discount off my maintenance and rehab costs.  I have spent about $45,000 this year on a rehab project and these two tricks saved me about $4,000 in real money.  It is unbelievably simple and it was cash right back in my pocket.

First Trick:  First sign up for an Ebates account.  It is quick and easy to do.  Ebates is an online rebate center, and through Ebates, you can receive up to 6% off your online Lowes and Home Depot purchases as well as about 1,000 other retailers.  (Home Depot’s rebate currently is 3% while Lowes is 2.5%).   I know, it sounds like a gimmick but it really works.  Remember, the rebate is for ALL purchases, not just a select item or two.   Ebates

The Ebates account doesn’t cost anything, and all you have to do is to remember to first go to the Ebates website so a rebate tracking cookie is created on your computer.  If you sign up for the Ebates email, you can receive notifications on rebate offers.

       Tip #1:  I usually wait to purchase major appliances when I get an email stating that Lowe’s rebate is temporarily raised to 6% for a promotion that they from time to time push.

EBATES:   You can click here for the Ebates site:   Ebates    All discounts earned through Ebates are mailed to you via a check.  They have an online verification and tracking tools in your Ebates account, so you can see the tracking cookies and “pending” cash back.

Second Trick
:  Lowe’s offers a credit card that gives you an automatic, immediate 5% discount for all purchases.  I rarely use cash, so using their credit card not only allows me to keep of track my purchases, but I immediately save 5% on all my online and in-store purchases.  Lowe’s 5% cash back credit card:  Lowes

     Tip #2:  I order many items online by first going to Ebates and then to Lowes.com.  I often choose “store pickup” if I need the item immediataley.  I get all the discounts and save time shopping.

     Tip #3:  Sign up for Lowe’s MyLowes Card so that you can track all your online and in-store purchases.  It makes for re-ordering those frequent items so much easier!


Take it from a CPA and a Pro!  That’s it!  It is just a matter of signing up and ordering your items online.  Make the process a part of you maintenance and rehab process and start saving.  Your first step?  Sign up for  Ebates  and then the Lowe’s Card.


You’re welcome!


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