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Cost Segregation Study Key to Accelerating Tax Deductions

For those who have recently purchased or built a new building, or even substantially remodeled an existing building that they own, faster write-offs are only a cost segregation study away.  A cost segregation study identifies property components and their cost, allowing owners to maximize their current depreciation

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Vacation homes provide tax planning opportunities, pitfalls

If you own a vacation home, it pays to consider the income tax implications, especially if you plan to use the home for both personal enjoyment and rental income. In some cases, minor adjustments in the way you use the home can reduce your tax bill. 

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Cash-on-Cash Return with Equity (COCE)

The primary objective of investing in real estate is for cash flow and appreciation, but just because an investment property has a positive cash flow and appreciates does not make it a “buy.”  A property must produce enough cash flow and equity to provide an acceptable return

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Don’t lose out on rental real estate losses

If a person owns rental properties, there’s a good chance at least one of them will generate a loss during ownership.  But the passive activity loss (PAL) rules can make it difficult to deduct those losses.  If rental real estate is a significant activity, it pays to

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Personal use of employer provided cell phones generally nontaxable

Close to one year after cell phones were removed from the “listed property” category of Code Sec. 280F, IRS has explained the practical consequences of the change. In sum, where an employer provides employees with cell phones primarily for noncompensatory business reasons,

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Crunching Now Will Save You From Being In A Crunch Later

As a CPA specializing in the real estate industry and working with hundreds of real estate investors, one of the biggest mistakes I have seen investors make over the past few years is buying real estate without first crunching the numbers to determine the property’s cash flow

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